DORO QR3 Skull Clamp Aluminum



  • Easy to read scale on the torque screw
  • No play between archholder and Skull Clamp Base when locked.
  • Deeper and wider Quick-Rail® design grants a stronger connection and improves handling.
  • Minimum play between Skull Clamp Base and Extension Arm due to tight tolerances.
  • Mix & Match with radiolucent products. Attach the DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp to a radiolucent Swivel Adaptor and Base Unit.
  • Easy, safe and stable connection of DORO LUNA®, DORO COBRA® or Quick-Clamp products by means of a formfitting interface.
  • Navigation tracking device adaptors can easily be attached on both sides of the Quick-Rail®


Reliable Cranial Stabilization

The DORO® QR3 Skull Clamp is built for daily use. Fast and easy to set up, this system will be your everyday companion in non-imaging neurosurgical approaches. Deliberately designed features like built-in navigation adaptor interfaces or its Mix & Match compatibility with DORO® Radiolucent products make it a time saving and versatile device. Safe for your patients, convenient for you.