The S.E.G-WAY™ ECuTR system is designed to properly visualize/ scope above and below the fascia to ensure a safer release of the Cubital Tunnel.The S.E.G-WAY™ ECuTR system also allows the surgeon to visualize the Ulnar nerve before releasing the fascia while adding protection to the superficial nerves. The blade is controlled in a separate guided channel that is locked in place for a reproducible release.

With the S.E.G-WAY Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel System we have found that the key features to our Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel according to the surgeons is the “safety and reproducibility”. Our surgeons are saying that “with a perfect 360 degree view of the ligament before the release, gives us the comfort of knowing what is above the Ligament and what is below the ligament. The nerve port also allows us to view the nerve before the release. With less scaring (2cm), quicker surgery time and faster return to work the patients are much happier.”