Assisting anterior access to the hip with precision control of position and traction.

A leading solution for surgical access to the anterior hip, the ARCH Leg Positioning System has been used in the US since 2006 to assist with direct anterior hip replacement and femoral fractures. The free-standing design allows quick set-up and easy C-arm access with any OR table. The system consists of a patented arch-shaped leg-positioning track with incremental angle and traction control. Incorporating the ARCH may improve procedure repeatability and efficiency, potentially eliminating the need for one surgical assistant. Combining the ARCH Leg Positioning System with other IOT products for opposite leg holding creates a complete advanced leg positioning solution.

The ARCH LPS is an ideal solution for ambulatory surgery centers

  • Best in Class for DAA Total Hip Replacement surgery.
  • Preferred alternative to the market leading brand.
  • Superior femoral exposure.
  • Works with any existing OR table.
  • Free-standing with quick set-up.
  • Small foot print in and outside the OR.
  • Easy to handle, preferred by OR teams.
  • Low maintenance cost.
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Elegant Design Concept

  • Incremental adjustment of internal and external rotation, flexion and extension, and traction.
  • Guided arch-shaped movement avoids tension or compression of the leg during flexion/extension.
  • Simple to use and maintain, with few moving parts.
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Expands OR Efficiency

  • Transforms standard table into a specialized surgical table at a fraction of the cost.
  • Easy transport and quick set-up means the system can be used in back-to-back surgeries.
  • May reduce the number of surgical assistants required.

Facilitates Anterior Approach

  • Assists direct anterior and anterolateral THA, hip fractures, and femoral neck pinning.
  • Achieves the leg position (hyper-extension with adduction and external rotation) required for muscle-sparing anterior access.
  • Allows unobstructed intra-operative imaging to monitor component position and leg length measurement.
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Solution for Opposite Leg Holding

  • IOT XR Riser System used with Kreuzer Leg Positioning Components
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Visit our YouTube Channel for videos of the features and functions of the IOT ARCH Leg Positioning System (LPS) and visit our Frequently Asked Questions to see why the IOT ARCH LPS is the Best in Class for DAA Total Hip Replacement surgery.

For more information visit our Product Support page for the IOT ARCH LPS.