Surgical Dopplers and Probes

20MHz transceivers and probes provide intraoperative audio blood flow detection at different depths for your surgical needs.


Mizuho offers a portable, easy-to-use, and accurate modality for evaluating blood flow intraoperatively. 


Mizuho 20 MHz Surgical Doppler System

1cm depth penetration depending on the density of surrounding tissue and bone

Clinical Benefit
Quickly assess aneurysm clip placement and confirm aneurysm occlusion


  • Locates feeder artery in AVM
  • Locates vessels noted on angiogram
  • Determines completeness of aneurysm clipping
  • Determines patency of parent vessel post aneurysm clipping
  • Validates patency of microvascular anastomoses
  • Confirms patency of major venous sinuses


20 MHz Surgical Probe

The Mizuho 20 MHz Surgical Doppler probe is easy to use. The probe tip is 2mm in diameter, making it extremely precise, while not taking up the whole field of view.


  • Packaged four to a box
  • Sterile, disposable
  • 110mm working length, 275mm overall
  • Bayoneted, 2mm tip