Sugita AVM Microclips and Applier

The Mizuho Sugita® AVM Micro Clip System consists of a set of Elgiloy Clips ranging from 2, 3, 4, and 5 mm blade lengths and one applier/remover that is able to be used with all clip sizes.


Product Number

07-932-02          Sugita AVM Micro Clip, 2mm blade length

07-932-03          Sugita AVM Micro Clip, 3mm blade length

07-932-04          Sugita AVM Micro Clip, 4mm blade length

07-932-05          Sugita AVM Micro Clip, 5mm blade length

07-935-10          Sugita AVM Micro Clip Applier


Features & Benefits

  • Availability of four sizes allows selection of the appropriate clip.
  • Sugita AVM Clips are made of elgiloy, a cobalt-chrome alloy, for excellent biocompatibility and MRI compatibility.
  • Each clip is placed in a heat resistant silicone sponge and packed in a metal container to prevent damage and facilitate sterilization & handling.
  • Clips are made to have a holding force within the range of 50 – 70gf.
  • The AVM Clip Applier is designed to be compatible with all Sugita AVM Clips.