Mizuho’s New Sugita Titanium Clip II

Single Shaft Appliers


Developed in collaboration with Jorge Mura, MD, IFAANS, FACS.

Chief of Cerebrovascular and Skull Base Surgery at the Department of Neurological Sciences, University of Chile. Institute of Neurosurgery Asenjo, Providencia, Santiago, Chile.


Single shaft, low profile clip appliers designed for microsurgical, keyhole, and endoscopic aneurysm clippings.


360 degree shaft rotation with straight and 30 degree tip angulations allows for improved clipping access.

50, 90, and 110mm active lengths for a variety of anterior and posterior circulation and endoscopic approaches.

Complete opening of the clips without sacrifice of the low profile nature of the appliers.

Color of the appliers’ tips and handles specifically designed for easy identification with Sugita TII standard and mini clips.

Flush port facilitates improved cleaning.


See attached brochure for ordering information.