Micro Scissors

Precision designed Micro Scissors for a variety of cerebrovascular applications, including cutting through thick vascular and scar tissue. Serrated blades prevent tissue slippage and stay sharper longer.


  • Serrated blades
  • Bayonet or Straight
  • Multiple well balanced working lengths available
  • Round or flat handles
  • Straight and curved blades


Fukushima/Giannotta Micro Scissors

Traditional Micro Scissors:

  • Ideal for cutting thick vascular and scar tissue
  • Round or flat handle
  • Lengths of 20, 22, 24, 26 cm
  • Straight or curved tips

Ultra Fine Micro Scissors

  • Extremely thin blades , gold springs
  • Ideal for dissection of arachnoid
  • Round or flat handle
  • Lengths of 20, 22, 24, 26 cm
  • Straight or curved tips

Lawton Style Micro Scissors

  • Round or Flat Handle
  • 18cm Length
  • Straight or Curved

Meningioma Micro Scissors

  • Longer blades with a blunt tip (Metzenbaum Style)
  • Designed for blunt and sharp dissection
  • Round handle
  • 20 cm length
  • Straight or curved tips


Meningioma/Tentorium Micro Scissors

  • Designed for opening the tentorium
  • Short blades with sharp tips, black springs
  • Lengths of 20, 22 cm
  • Flat handle
  • Straight or curved tips


NEW Nano Scissors

MA-000-03 Nano Scissors, 15cm, curved, 2.5cm WL

MA-000-04 Nano Scissors, 15cm, straight, 2.5cm WL

  • Essential for EC/IC bypass procedures
  • 15cm lengths available
  • 17.5cm and 20.5cm lengths coming soon…
  • Stainless steel composition for durability
  • Serrated blades
  • Straight and curved tips available
  • Red handle for easy identification and round handle for agile manipulation

 NEW Laterally Angled Scissors

MA-100-01 Sylvian Micro Scissors, 18cm
MA-100-02 Sylvian Micro Scissors, 22cm

  • Sharp/sharp, curved up sideward, FH bayonet
Lengths and Tips