Each instrument is designed for hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces.

Round Knives with various angles, directions and sizes to adapt to the exposure and the lesion

Micro Biopsy Cup Forceps work in small cavities with finger tip control of instrument

Microscissors with traditional and reverse actions for dissection of deep locations through tight corridors


Micro Biopsy Cup Forceps

  • 21.5cm total length
  • 1mm tip size
  • Round/Oval Spoon

Sylvian Fissure Scissors

  • 14.5 cm, 18cm, & 19cm total lengths
  • 30 degree angled blades & 30 degree angled blades with irrigation
  • Round Handles
  • Closed blades

Round Knifes

  • 30° Reverse Angle Down
  • 30° Angled Up
  • 45° Angled Down
  • 45° Angled Up
  • 1mm Neck 30° Reverse Angle Down
  • 1mm Neck & 30° Angle Up
  • Straight