Lawton Deep Cavernous Malformation Set




Lawton Deep Cavernous Malformation Set is now Available!
Fine Microsurgical Dissection and Resection of Deep Cavernous Malformations

Lawton Deep Cavernous Malformation Set was designed in conjunction with Dr. Michael T. Lawton, the President and CEO Department of Neurosurgery Robert F. Spetzler Neuroscience Chair at Barrow Neurological Institute, Phoenix, AZ.

Key Features:
Each instrument is designed for hard-to-reach areas and tight spaces where there is a lot of eloquent brain surrounding the lesion.

Features and Benefit:

– A comprehensive set with all critical instruments together
– Round Knives with various angles, directions and sizes to adapt to the exposure and the lesion
– New instruments like the Micro Biopsy Cup Forceps to work in small cavities with fingertip control of instrument
– Micro scissors with traditional and reverse actions for dissecting into deep locations through tight corridors

Round Knives
30 degree Reverse Angled Down

30 degree Angled Up

45 degree Angled Down

45 degree Angled Up

30 degree Reverse Angled Down with 1mm neck

30 degree Reverse Angled Up with 1mm neck