Kerrison Rongeurs

Mizuho’s Rongeur Benefits:

  • Ejector punch
  • Thin foot plates
  • 1mm sizes for transsphenoidal surgery
  • Rack and pinion handle


Kerrison Rongeurs

1mm micro Kerrison is a available in 7 and 8 inch lengths with a thin foot plate, which are ideal for cervical, spine, and transsphenoidal procedures

Ejector Kerrisons are available in 2, 3, 4, and 5mm in both 7 and 8 inch lengths. Thin foot plates are ideal for cervical and transsphenoidal procedures and allow for easy access to the lamina and other structures.

Ejector punch dramatically reduces the possibility of bone fragments lodging inside the shaft, significantly reducing cleaning time in the OR. Each Kerrison features a safe rack and pinion spring handle, reducing the risk of piercing surgical gloves.


Ordering Information:

02-200-01 Kerrison Rongeur, 20cm 40° 1mm Up Biting
02-200-02 Kerrison Rongeur, 20cm 40° 2mm Up Biting
02-200-03 Kerrison Rongeur, 20cm 40° 3mm Up Biting
02-200-04 Kerrison Rongeur, 20cm 40° 4mm Up Biting
02-200-05 Kerrison Rongeur, 20cm 40° 5mm Up Biting
02-201-01 Kerrison Rongeur, 18cm 40° 1mm Up Biting
02-201-02 Kerrison Rongeur, 18cm 40° 2mm Up Biting
02-201-03 Kerrison Rongeur, 18cm 40° 3mm Up Biting
02-201-04 Kerrison Rongeur, 18cm 40° 4mm Up Biting
02-201-05 Kerrison Rongeur, 18cm 40° 5mm Up Biting