Kelly Keyhole Set

Kelly Keyhole Set

Mizuho brings to surgeons the first instrument set designed specifically for a variety of Keyhole approaches.

Designed in conjunction with Daniel Kelly, MD, Director of the Brain Tumor Center at Saint John’s Health Center and Professor of Neurosurgery at John Wayne Cancer Institute in Santa Monica, CA.



  • Supraorbital “eyebrow”
  • Supracerebellar-transtentorial
  • Retromastoid
  • Mini-pterional
  • Endonasal


Minimally Invasive Instrumentation

Keyhole procedures are technically demanding and require very specialized instrumentation to achieve maximum tumor removal with minimal tissue manipulation. The goal is to benefit your patients with a less invasive procedure, a shorter and less painful recovery and enhanced cosmetic results.


Optimizing Surgical Performance

Bayoneted low profile instruments maximize maneuverability and visibility in small neurosurgical corridors facilitating safe bimanual micro-dissection under both microscopic and endoscopic visualization.

Duckbill Spatulas

  • 9cm and 11cm working lengths
  • Angled up
  • Angled down

Rhoton #3 Dissectors

  • 9cm and 11cm working lengths
  • 30deg up
  • 30deg down



  • 1.8mm width
  • 9cm overall length
  • Angled up
  • Angled down

Tumor Forceps

  • 9cm working length
  • 3mm and 5mm diameters
  • Bayonet, Flat handle design



  • Two organizational cases for convenience and easy access
  • Tray 1 houses suctions, ring curettes, and bi-polar forceps
  • Tray 2 houses micro dissectors, tumor forceps, & microscissors

Rotatable Microscissors

  • 9cm and 11cm working lengths
  • Round handle design
  • Straight
  • 45° up
  • Curved, Double Action

Teardrop Nerve Hooks

  • 9cm and 11cm working lengths
  • Straight
  • 45 o up
  • 45 o down
  • 90 up