Kelly Endonasal Set

Kelly Endonasal Set

This comprehensive, two-tray instrument system provides the necessary tools for a microscopic transsphenoidal approach to the pituitary.

Innovative, low profile design improves visibility, minimizes nasal trauma and provides expanded access for transsphenoidal surgery.

Designed in conjunction with Daniel Kelly, MD, Director, Brain Tumor Center, John Wayne Cancer Institute at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA

Kelly Set advantages

  • Minimizes trauma for faster healing and less post-operative discomfort
  • Complete set saves time and reduces operating costs
  • Ideal for microscopic and endoscopic procedures
Rapid, easier access with less nasal trauma
The innovative, low-profile Kelly Instrument Set from Mizuho is specially designed for transsphenoidal removal of pituitary and other parasellar tumors using the direct endonasal technique. The instrumentation facilitates a rapid and less invasive alternative compared to the traditional sublabial approach.
A complete, 2-tray set right at your fingertips:
Each all inclusive set comes with everything you need for effective, minimally invasive tumor removal, including opening instruments such as: two Cottle speculums, four Papavero specula and curved mucosal dissectors for easy entry and less patient trauma.
Trapezoidal Endonasal Speculums:
Trapezoidal Endonasal Speculums for extended suprasellar or transclival endoscopic-assisted tumor removal. These short (60mm) speculums have a distal speculum end with either a 15 degree up or down orientation to expand surgical working volume and parasellar exposure.