Kelly Endonasal Endoscopic Set

Kelly Endonasal Endoscopic Instrument Set

Mizuho America has partnered with Dr. Kelly and his team at St. John’s Health center to deliver a comprehensive set of instruments for ENT and neurosurgeons that practice a bi-manual endoscopic transsphenoidal approach.


Our custom designed two tray system provides a panoramic view in order to:

  • Access the sphenoid sinus
  • Expose the sella
  • Debulk and remove tumors
  • Reconstruct the skull base


Overview of set:

  • Antrum punches  – backward cutting, 360 degree rotatable, pediatric version available
  • Nasal forceps – through cutting, straight and 45 degree angled up
  • Nasal scissors  – straight, curved left and right to navigate nasal aperature
  • Rongeurs – 2mm, 3mm, 4mm various angles
  • Dissectors – single shafted bayoneted ring curettes, pistol grip scissors, cup forceps
  • Cottle elevator, probes, spatulas, and more