DORO LUCENT Cranial Stabilization System



  • Optimized for iCT imaging procedures
  • No lateral obstruction due to no overhang at the Base Unit
  • Multiple easy ways of mounting the Base Unit
  • Long reach into gantry
  • Navigation Ready by means of DORO LUCENT® Navigation Adaptors
  • Quick-Rail® Technology
  • Mix & Match with DORO® Aluminum products

Incuded Items

1106.003 DORO LUCENT® Sterile Disposable Skull Pins Adult, One Procedure
1101.030 DORO LUCENT® Storage Case for DORO LUCENT Cranial Stabilization System
1101.021 DORO LUCENT® Base Unit Standard
1101.031 DORO LUCENT® Locking Transitional Member
1101.026 DORO LUCENT® Transitional Member
3033-00 DORO® Swivel Adaptor Radiolucent
3034-00 DORO® Skull Clamp Radiolucent


Intuitive iCT Patient Positioning

The DORO LUCENT® Cranial Stabilization System is the cranial stabilization system of choice for all procedures applying X-Ray, Angio & iCT imaging. This headholder system is highly adaptable to the distinct needs of the surgeon and his next procedure at hand. The system features the proven, completely metal free DORO® Skull Clamp Radiolucent with its beneficial Quick-Rail® interfaces for easy attachment of navigation tracking devices, retractor systems and other accessories. The DORO LUCENT® Base Unit features a completely new and streamlined design with a clear focus on usability, cleanability and radiolucency.