Cerebellar Pontine Tumor

Cerebellar Pontine Tumor Instruments

Fukushima designed extremely fine microdissectors, developed for surgery of posterior fossa, cerebellar pontine angle tumors, specifically for small acoustic neuromas and intracanicular micro-neuromas.


  • Tip sizes range from 1.0mm to 3.0mm
  • Extra-fine sharp hooks (45 and 90 degree)
  • Short bayoneted shafts
  • Tip designs include knives, ring curettes, cup curettes, probes, and various dissectors
  • Knives for arachnoid dissection


The 13 CP Angle Instrument Set includes:

  • (6) Micro Knives (Sickle, Blunt Tip, Angled, & McElveen)
  • (1) Micro Probe
  • (2) Micro Dissectors
  • (2) Ring Curettes
  • (2) Cup Curettes
  • (1) Sterilization Tray