Cappabianca™ Bipolar Forceps

 elliquence Cappabianca™ Bipolar Forceps

The elliquence Cappabianca Bipolar Forceps are designed to provide precise hemostatis in ‘minimal’ surgical environments.

The Cappabianca Bipolar Forceps was developed with input from Professor Paolo Cappabianca (Naples, Italy) in effort to address hemostasis challenges while preserving adjacent critical anatomy and healthy tissue in tight surgical environments. The low-profile shaft and handle design supports surgical access alongside other instruments. The tapered tip design with smooth surfaces in both straight and angled configurations offer versatility to access and treat pathology attraumatically.

  • Endoscopic/Keyhole/Transsphenoidal/Skull Base
  • Targeted, Pinpoint Hemostasis
  • Trusted Energy Source
  • Tumor Management