When connected to the Bowman Perfusion Monitor®, the minimally invasive QFlow 500™ Perfusion Probe (cat. #H0000-1600) continuously quantifies tissue perfusion in absolute physiological units of ml/100g-min in real time using a thermal diffusion (TD) technique. (To learn more about this technique click here.)

The probe is a flexible, radio-opaque catheter that is inserted into the target tissue where it measures perfusion. The probe is FDA cleared to remain in situ for 10 days.

The probe features placement markings for verification of depth the tissue.

The probe connects to an umbilical cord, which in turn connects to the monitor.  The probe-umbilical and umbilical-monitor interfaces are color-coded to facilitate a connection.

In neurological applications, the probe permits calculation of absolute levels of cerebral blood flow (CBF).

For optimal fixation, secure the probe by using the QFlow 500™ Titanium Bolt Kits.