Completely accurate, reliable and objective pupil size and reactivity data independent of examiner

Pupil reactivity expressed numerically so that now changes in both pupil size and reactivity can be trended over time, just like other vital signs

Infrared camera, high-precision optics, processor and LED light source

Bluetooth®-enabled, customizable trending screen, EMR-compatible

Durable, ergonomic design

Industry-best full two-year replacement warranty

Pupillometer in charging station


Single-patient-use device with smart-card technology

All patient data stored on SmartGuard memory

Facilitates patient data upload into EMR system

Patient data can be disabled in compliance with HIPAA guidelines and facility policies

SmartGuard® Reader by Omnikey®

Retrieves and automatically uploads patient data from SmartGuard

Simple USB connection allows Reader to be deployed at any nursing terminal or station

NeurOptics® Antimicrobial Barcode Scanner by Socket®

Simple and fast patient ID scans into SmartGuard

One-time patient ID entry at initial programming of SmartGuard (no need to scan before each pupil measurement)


Establish a Baseline and Trend for Changes

Pupil reactivity expressed numerically

Now changes in both pupil size and reactivity can be trended over time, like other vital signs

Along with trending size and NPi, the NPi-200 can be customized to trend all parameters of the pupillary light reflex waveform, depending on clinician preference

Pupil Size and Reactivity Variability Over Time

Sample screens


Results Screen 1


Results Screen 2


Video Replay

The Neurological Pupil index (NPi) Pupil Reactivity Assessment Scale

* A difference in NPi between right and left pupils of ≥ 0.7 can also be considered an abnormal pupil reading

* Per the Neurological Pupil index (NPi) algorithm