Support decision making, individualized care, and patient safety

  • Assist in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of secondary neuronal injury
  • Reveal changes in intracranial dynamics
  • Support immediate intervention with integrated displays at the bedside or remotely
  • Guide decisions about intensity and duration of therapy
  • Help facilitate effective charting with simultaneous backwards review during acquisition
  • Support nursing education with animated tutorials
  • Support specific clinical needs with customized protocols and displays
  • Create the ultimate research tool by combining patient data with informatics and database solutions

Multimodal displays and continuous EEG reveal patient status

Capture, store, and analyze multiple parameters including continuous EEG to support bedside and remote patient care.

Extensive data collection, EEG processing, remote review, and analysis

  • Interface with over 20 medical devices, offering support for approximately 200 physiologic measurements (see the list of device interfaces)
  • Powerful real-time continuous EEG processing including CSA, DSA, alpha delta ratio, power and frequency metrics, inter-burst interval, % suppression, % asymmetry, and aEEG
  • Remote review of EEG and multimodal data with CNS Reader or compatible Persyst software
  • Access extensive animated tutorials and context-sensitive help/troubleshooting
  • Store all digital data for export and archive via network connection or portable media
  • Enables creation of a Multimodal Database of physiologic and phenotypic data which includes NINDS Common Data Elements
  • CNS Monitors can be mobile or mounted on a boom or ICU wall

The CNS Monitor offers a turn-key solution to complex informatics challenges which would require significant overhead and IT investment. The CNS Monitor is a neuro-focused patient monitor that supports interoperability with multiple external devices.