CNS Archive

Automatically store continuous multimodal data

Support efficient archiving of multimodal data collected by CNS Monitors connected to your hospital network.

Manage storage of CNS Monitor data

  • Archive completed patient recordings from CNS Monitors connected to the hospital network
  • Restore completed patient recordings stored on the server to any networked CNS Monitor to enable bedside review of those recordings
  • Enable remote review of completed patient recordings stored on the CNS Archive, using optional review software installed on any Windows-based computer with access to the hospital network

Customizable solution for your storage needs

CNS Archive is a physical server configured by Moberg to provide storage of all data collected by the CNS Monitor (Waveforms, Trends & Video).

In consultation with clinical users and hospital IT personnel, CNS Archive will be customized to best meet the specific needs for CNS Monitor data management at your institution. Once configured, in conjunction with hospital IT personnel, CNS Archive will store recordings from your CNS Monitors.

CNS Archive is a versatile and flexible solution for CNS Monitor data management. CNS Archive provides storage and backup, enables remote review, and can also be used in conjunction with the CNS Multimodal Database.