VTI Doppler Systems

  • 8 MHz TQI Doppler

    8 MHz TQI Doppler

    Product Description Finally, a reliable and cost-effective Doppler for all your surgical needs. The TQI Doppler System is a multi-functional Doppler that allows for optimized evaluation of intraoperative AND transcutaneous blood flow. Unlike most traditional hand-held Doppler systems, the TQI Doppler has two distinct modes of operation: “transcutaneous” and “intraoperative”. The transcutaneous mode is specifically […]

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  • 20 MHz Microvascular Doppler

    20 MHz Microvascular Doppler

      Product Description The essential and cost-effective intraoperative microvascular instrument that provides you with the sound information you need. The VTI 20 MHz Microvascular Doppler System was specifically designed for surgeons who have a need to interrogate the microvasculature. Combining a miniature probe tip with a high operating frequency, the system emits a tightly focused signal with […]

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  • 20 MHz Selectable Depth Doppler

    20 MHz Selectable Depth Doppler

    Product Description A sound breakthrough in the management of UGI bleeding. The VTI 20 MHz Selectable Depth Doppler System is a sound breakthrough in the endoscopic treatment of acute peptic ulcer hemorrhage. By incorporating a probe that can be passed down a 2.8mm endoscope channel, this system identifies blood flow in an ulcer base prior to treatment […]

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  • Drop-In Doppler

    Drop-In Doppler

      Product Description A Flexible, Slim Profile Probe that can be robotically controlled. During robotic surgery, the console surgeon can directly manipulate the VTI Flexible Drop-In Doppler using robotic instruments. Because of its slim profile, the Doppler Probe can share the operative port and be “parked” off to the side, minimizing obstruction of the surgical […]

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