• i-FACTOR Biologic Bone Graft

    i-FACTOR Biologic Bone Graft

    How It Works Within tissues are cells that are controlled by and interact with Type I collagen. Many of these connective tissue cells are “attachment activated“. This means that the cells seek out attachment points on the Type I collagen, become attached, and activate the cascade of events leading to bone formation. How the bone […]

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  • Anterior Lumbar System

    Anterior Lumbar System

    Low Profile, Stable Exposure The anterior approach to the lumbar spine is heavily dependent on the ability of the access surgeon to provide exposure quickly and safely. The Thompson Retractor provides safe and effortless Uncompromised Anterior Lumbar Exposure, eliminating of shift or “rise up” in the wound, and possibly reducing the risk of vascular, nerve, […]

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  • Advanced MIS ALIF Access

    Advanced MIS ALIF Access

    Advanced MIS Anterior Lumbar Access Achieve exceptional MIS ALIF access with the addition of Thompson’s exclusive AL Advanced MIS Blade Kit to the low-profile Thompson Anterior Lumbar Ring System. Recommended for use with the Anterior Lumbar Ring System. May also be used with standard Thompson Spine Frame. Featured Videos   System Features 18mm MIS Renal Blades […]

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  • Anterior Lumbar Ring System

    Anterior Lumbar Ring System

    Anterior Lumbar Ring System Stable, Independent Retraction The low-profile Thompson Anterior Lumbar Ring System provides effortless, Uncompromised Exposure to the lumbar spine. The versatile ring frame allows for quick, precise placement of the handles around the surgical site while providing the surgeon with an unobstructed view of the working area. New Free and Dual Angle […]

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  • Cervical System

    Cervical System

    Central, Stable Exposure The Thompson Retractor for cervical spine access offers secure, table mounted solutions that prevent shifting, or “rise up” in the incision. Independent retraction and blade positioning eliminates the need for excess retraction required by self-retaining retractors to stay in place. Thompson’s Cervical System provides independent, safe retraction of the esophagus, trachea, and […]

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  • MIS PLA® System

    MIS PLA® System

    Uncompromised MIS and Mini-Open Posterior Lumbar Exposure The MIS Posterior Lumbar Access ( PLA® ) System allows spine surgeons to accomplish minimal access with maximum visualization. Utilizing a versatile frame platform, the system provides flexible, independent retraction and angling from all directions while also providing controlled and stable exposure.     System Features MIS Tubular Exposure […]

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  • Posterior Lumbar System

    Posterior Lumbar System

    Narrow to Wide Exposure for Complex Needs When MIS isn’t an option, open approaches may become necessary. The open Posterior Lumbar System is ideal for various procedures from deformity correction to discectomies.     System Features Nerve Root Retractors Available in 90º and 45º options Posterior lumbar nerve root retraction Flexible Blade Holder attaches to […]

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  • DORO QR3 Skull Clamp Aluminum

    DORO QR3 Skull Clamp Aluminum

      KEY FEATURES Easy to read scale on the torque screw No play between archholder and Skull Clamp Base when locked. Deeper and wider Quick-Rail® design grants a stronger connection and improves handling. Minimum play between Skull Clamp Base and Extension Arm due to tight tolerances. Mix & Match with radiolucent products. Attach the DORO® […]

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  • DORO QR3 Skull Clamp Teflon

    DORO QR3 Skull Clamp Teflon

      KEY FEATURES Teflon® coating makes the skull clamp autoclavable. Navigation tracking device adaptors can easily be attached on both sides of the Quick-Rail® Quick-Rail® technology with straight and upright portions, can be located even under multiple layers of sterile drape. Mix & Match. The QR3 Skull Clamp Teflon® can be mounted to a radiolucent […]

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  • DORO Skull Clamp Radiolucent for Spinal Frames

    DORO Skull Clamp Radiolucent for Spinal Frames

      KEY FEATURES Can be lowered between the rails of the open frame OR table   Optimized patient positioning This modification of our proven, metal free DORO® Skull Clamp Radiolucent is designed for spinal surgeries and can be mounted to all established spinal OR tables and spinal frames. The new, slim design allows the skull […]

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