Reconstructive Surgery, Wound & Burn

  • Suprathel Wound and Burn Dressing

    Suprathel Wound and Burn Dressing

    Intelligent wound care with the temporary second skin SUPRATHEL® SUPRATHEL® is a synthetic one-time application wound and burn dressing for the treatment of dermal wounds. The application of SUPRATHEL® reduces the burden for patients, physicians and payors and leads to excellent healing results especially when used on scalds and burns, abrasions, as well as split skin graft […]

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  • Meek Micrograft

    Meek Micrograft

    MEEK Micrografting Every doctor will admit, burn wound treatment involves multiple challenges. There is a great risk of infections and poor epithelialization and the lack of auto graft donor sites is a limiting factor in achieving wound closure in cases of extensive skin defects. Current mesh graft techniques cannot meet the requirements which are needed […]

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  • Cordless dermatomes and blades

    Cordless dermatomes and blades

    Cordless dermatomes Humeca designed two cordless, battery operated dermatomes. A small one, the D42 and a larger one, the D80. The D42, a very maneuverable instrument, is an excellent tool in pediatric and general plastic surgery, especially for primary excision and harvesting grafts from curved surfaces. It also facilitates to harvest the 42×42 mm (1.65×1.65″) […]

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  • Meshers and V-Carriers

    Meshers and V-Carriers

    The Humeca mesher is provided with a unique spring mechanism that prevents the blades from excessive pressure on the carrier during cutting, thus increasing the life time of the blades. The mesher can be adjusted in two positions: one to fit V10- or Zimmer® carriers and one to fit V15- or Aesculap® / B.Braun® carriers. […]

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  • Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR)

    Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release (ECTR)

    S.E.G-WAY™ is the first Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel (ECTR) system designed to properly position the incision in the Ulnar safe Zone. It is also the only system that is anatomy and patient specific. It provides a level of safety and quality that is unavailable using any other method.The Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel (ECTR) system provide the surgeon with […]

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  • Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel (ECuTR)

    Endoscopic Cubital Tunnel (ECuTR)

    The S.E.G-WAY™ ECuTR system is designed to properly visualize/ scope above and below the fascia to ensure a safer release of the Cubital Tunnel.The S.E.G-WAY™ ECuTR system also allows the surgeon to visualize the Ulnar nerve before releasing the fascia while adding protection to the superficial nerves. The blade is controlled in a separate guided channel that is locked […]

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  • Endoscopic Plantar Fasciitis (EPF)

    Endoscopic Plantar Fasciitis (EPF)

    Our Unique S.E.G-WAY™ Endoscopic Plantar Fasciitis System gives the surgeon greater control by allowing the blade to be elevated to the surgeon’s preference and includes unparalleled visualization. With the Uniportal approach the guide is inserted only as far as the release without damaging the entire underside of the foot.It delivers the tactile feel of an endoscopic scalpel […]

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  • Endoscopic Gastrocnemius Recession (EGR)

    Endoscopic Gastrocnemius Recession (EGR)

    Our unique S.E.G-WAY™ Endoscopic Gastroc release system gives the surgeon greater control by allowing the blade to be elevated to the surgeons preference and includes unparalleled visualization. It delivers the tactile feel of an endoscopic scalpel in a Uni/ minimally invasive approach that can help reduce the lengthy recovery time associated with these types of surgeries.Unlike […]

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  • IOT PURIST Leg Positioning System

    IOT PURIST Leg Positioning System

      The PURIST is the next generation leg positioning device designed specifically for anterior Total Hip Replacement. Over the last decade, anterior THR has gained widespread acceptance. Today, skilled and experienced surgeons with an improved understanding of the requirements for efficient leg positioning and surgical exposure are trying to unburden their OR teams from sometimes […]

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  • ARCH Leg Positioning System

    ARCH Leg Positioning System

      Assisting anterior access to the hip with precision control of position and traction. A leading solution for surgical access to the anterior hip, the ARCH Leg Positioning System has been used in the US since 2006 to assist with direct anterior hip replacement and femoral fractures. The free-standing design allows quick set-up and easy […]

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