Neuro Critical Care

  • Bowman Perfusion Monitor

    Bowman Perfusion Monitor

    The Bowman Perfusion Monitor® (BPM) (cat. #H0000-0710) is the most innovative technology of its kind. The BPM continuously quantifies tissue blood flow (perfusion) in real-time, in absolute physiological units of ml/100g-min. The BPM provides insight for therapy by giving real-time and contextual trend data. In neurological applications observing absolute levels of cerebral blood flow (CBF) alerts clinicians […]

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  • QFlow 500 Probe

    QFlow 500 Probe

    When connected to the Bowman Perfusion Monitor®, the minimally invasive QFlow 500™ Perfusion Probe (cat. #H0000-1600) continuously quantifies tissue perfusion in absolute physiological units of ml/100g-min in real time using a thermal diffusion (TD) technique. (To learn more about this technique click here.) The probe is a flexible, radio-opaque catheter that is inserted into the target tissue where it measures […]

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  • Quad Lumen Bolt Kit

    Quad Lumen Bolt Kit

    The QFlow 500™ Titanium Bolt – Quad Lumen Bolt Kit (cat. #H0000-3644) provides a bolt that  individually  secures the QFlow 500™ Perfusion Probe and three other sensors through one small burr hole in the cranium enabling monitoring of up to 6 intracranial parameters (ICP, PbtO2, Perfusion, Temperature, IEEG, Microdialysis). The kit includes a 5.3mm drill bit, depth […]

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  • Dual Lumen Bolt Kit

    Dual Lumen Bolt Kit

    The QFlow 500™ Titanium Bolt – Dual Lumen Bolt Kit (cat. #H0000-3632) provides a bolt that secures the minimally invasive QFlow 500™ Perfusion Probe and one other sensor through a burr hole in the cranium. The kit includes a 5.3mm drill bit, depth collar, hex wrench, and sealing cap. This is the optimal solution for the user […]

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  • Single Lumen Bolt Kit

    Single Lumen Bolt Kit

    The QFlow 500™ Titanium Bolt – Single Lumen Bolt Kit (H0000-3631) provides a bolt that secures the minimally invasive QFlow 500™ Perfusion Probe through a small burr hole in the cranium. The kit includes a 2.7mm drill bit, depth collar, and hex wrench. Stand-alone single lumen bolt (cat. #H0000-3601) also available for individual purchase. This is the […]

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  • CNS Monitor

    CNS Monitor

    Support decision making, individualized care, and patient safety Assist in the prevention, early detection, and treatment of secondary neuronal injury Reveal changes in intracranial dynamics Support immediate intervention with integrated displays at the bedside or remotely Guide decisions about intensity and duration of therapy Help facilitate effective charting with simultaneous backwards review during acquisition Support […]

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  • CNS Device Interfaces

    CNS Device Interfaces

    Moberg Acquisition Devices The following devices are components of the Moberg CNS Monitor that directly acquire data. CNS Advanced ICU Amplifier (now available) CNS 16 Input EEG Amplifier CNS Video Camera External Devices The CNS Monitor collects and integrates data from the following external devices. Patient Monitor Interfaces Draeger Infinity® Delta, IACS GE CARESCAPE B650, […]

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  • CNS Advanced ICU Amplifier

    CNS Advanced ICU Amplifier

    Features Versatile DC-Coupled amplifier with fast settling time, high dynamic range and high common mode rejection ratio for high-quality, continuous ICU monitoring 33 DC-Coupled referential inputs 24 inputs for scalp electrodes (including reference) 9 inputs for additional channels or emerging applications (including reference) Four dedicated true-differential inputs for EEG or other physiological signals (e.g. ECG, […]

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  • CNS 16 Input EEG Amplifier

    CNS 16 Input EEG Amplifier

    Features Record up to 16 EEG electrode locations (including reference) Up to 6 of the inputs can be used as differential pairs to monitor EEG or other physiological signals (e.g. ECG, EOG, respiration, etc.) Continuous independent impedance checking to verify electrode connection integrity (can be disabled by user) Electrode indicator LEDs assist with setup and […]

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  • CNS Video Camera

    CNS Video Camera

    Features Designed to complement the information collected through continuous EEG monitoring Mounted on a flexible arm to provide convenient adjusting of viewing position Adjustable zoom, focus and aperture of the camera lens to optimize picture High sensitivity sensor allows operation in low-light environments View continuous EEG along with video, at the bedside or remotely. General […]

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  • CNS Reader

    CNS Reader

    Efficient remote review and annotation Support timely decisions with efficient review and annotation of CNS Monitor cEEG, video, and multimodal data Flexible multimodal displays support complex data interpretation Review raw data, processed EEG, and multimodal trends and waveforms Annotate with a convenient library of American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS) terminologies Remotely review data from a […]

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  • CNS Archive

    CNS Archive

    Automatically store continuous multimodal data Support efficient archiving of multimodal data collected by CNS Monitors connected to your hospital network. Manage storage of CNS Monitor data Archive completed patient recordings from CNS Monitors connected to the hospital network Restore completed patient recordings stored on the server to any networked CNS Monitor to enable bedside review […]

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  • CNS Multimodal Database

    CNS Multimodal Database

    Simplify analysis with the CNS Multimodal Database Perform complex queries on a comprehensive database of physiological and phenotypic patient data.   CNS MMDB Features Create a database of multimodal trend data from CNS Monitors Add phenotypic data using customizable forms Search using SQL tools Apply NINDS TBI Common Data Elements to physiologic data User-friendly web […]

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  • Persyst


    Review continuous EEG with third-party software: Persyst Process and review continuous EEG with advanced trending features. Persyst provides advanced trending, spike detection and seizure detection for live or archived CNS Monitor recordings. The combination of Persyst and the CNS Monitor is a powerful tool for clinicians monitoring and interpreting long-term EEG studies. Comprehensive solution for […]

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  • NPi-200 Pupillometer

    NPi-200 Pupillometer

    Completely accurate, reliable and objective pupil size and reactivity data independent of examiner Pupil reactivity expressed numerically so that now changes in both pupil size and reactivity can be trended over time, just like other vital signs Infrared camera, high-precision optics, processor and LED light source Bluetooth®-enabled, customizable trending screen, EMR-compatible Durable, ergonomic design Industry-best […]

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  • SmartGuard


    SmartGuard® Single-patient-use device with smart-card technology All patient data stored on SmartGuard memory Facilitates patient data upload into EMR system Patient data can be disabled in compliance with HIPAA guidelines and facility policies SmartGuard® Reader by Omnikey® Retrieves and automatically uploads patient data from SmartGuard Simple USB connection allows Reader to be deployed at any nursing […]

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  • EMR Integration

    EMR Integration

    The NPi®-200 Pupillometer System Integration Overview The NPi-200 Pupillometer System is a point-of-care device, however the pupillometer does not facilitate transmission of patient data into an EMR, it is not connected to an EMR, and it will not be connected to your hospital’s network. The patient information (pupil measurement data) is contained on the patient-specific […]

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